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January 14 2018

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Wandering in search of a waterfall
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Beautiful Kelly Macdonald, star of many movies and television shows. She's stunning in Boardwalk Empire, which you can see on HBO or catch past seasons on CouchTuner.

July 30 2017

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I claim this fallen tree as my own!
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Looking serious in leather.
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Nothing but the butt.
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War paint!
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Looking and feeling smart in a chair. Thinking about screenshots on her Mac.
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Beauty in green.
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old sleeping dog. Let him lie.
Tags: dog old sleeping
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April 29 2017

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Outdoor farm in the mountains
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A Minecraft map called Stranded and re-presented in the style of Claude Monet, a famous impressionist painter.
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Painting of a rustic farm in the valley.
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An outdoor shower
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The wine was fine...almost divine.
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Some Gripping Story Ideas

In a world where apes rule through fear, one Princess has no choice but to save mankind by killing her own child. It turns out that the Princess is a zombie.

Bart is a killer fueled by hatred, who murders prostitutes and posts their thumbs to their friends. Detective Cox, a stud from Alaska, knows she has to stop him. In one final act of destruction, the killer orchestrates a mass murder, and kills 24 prostitutes is one attack.

Addison is a killer fueled by love, who murders children and shaves them. Detective Whittaker, an orphan from Australia, knows she has to stop him. Eventually, the killer hands himself in, knowing it's only a matter of time before Whittaker closes in, and citizens are safe once again.

Valerio is an electrician from Brazil who falls in love with his neighbor. The two are separated when the neighbor goes away to sea. However, Valerio manages to rescue the situation by telling an inspiring story.

A nurse from London is delighted when she gets the chance to take part in the final of a baking competition. However, her chances are scuppered when she finds out her arch rival is also going to compete. Despite the setback, the nurse comes second in the competition and vows to come back next year and win..

A farmer from Canada is delighted when he gets the chance to take part in the final of Britain's Got Talent. However, his chances are scuppered when his car breaks down on the way to the competition. After the drama, the farmer realizes there is more to life than winning Britain's Got Talent and goes on a picnic with his daughter instead..

Jimi is a killer fueled by jealousy, who murders women and keeps their heads in a freezer. DCI McLay, a student from Japan, knows she has to stop her. Eventually, McLay captures the killer and wins a bravery award.

Jonty is a killer fueled by the death of his grandfather, who murders old people and posts their fingers to their friends. Lady Simelane, an orphan from Sweden, knows she has to stop him. Eventually, Simelane captures the killer and wins back the respect of her estranged family.

A pilot from Wales is delighted when he gets the chance to take part in the final of X-Factor. However, his chances are scuppered by an angry hippo. Distraught at losing X-Factor, the pilot kills himself.
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Another story idea...In a world where vampires are starving, one singer has no choice but to bring down the government by becoming a world leader. In a devastating conclusion, the singer saves the world, but only by sacrificing her own life.
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Forest with sunlight
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