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October 18 2019

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Leo all in blue. One artist's interpretation of the talented Leonardo DiCaprio (star of many movies). He was at his best in The Revenant. His latest, Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, is pretty good, too.

June 28 2019

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Coffee in bed
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A relaxing bath in a pool of petals.
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A pretty portrait.
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Hanging out in the window frame, staring outside and thinking random things.
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Very sexy in light blue. I bet she could wear that anywhere around town and get long, hard stares.
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There's just something sexy about eyeglasses. Am I the only one? Is that just a random thought?
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A few totally random thoughts.

1. I'm watching USA-France Women's World Cup at the moment. It's halftime and the USA team is winning 1-0. None of my friends care about the Women's World Cup and that is sad.

2. I read a New York Times story about how much crap Google tracks you with. I switched to the Brave Browser months ago because it has all ads and tracking turned off by default.

3. I play too much Trivia Crack on my phone. Must. Put. It. Down.
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Sunglasses in the swamp.
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Smoking hot by the window.
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Enjoying a cup of coffee bikini-style
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Working out at the track.

I used to exercise. Not so much anymore.
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She's beautiful. She's in black and white.

She once wore a ring on her finger. It combines angular abstract shapes with a chthonic theme and uses dark, vivid colors.

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And....stretch. Good morning and welcome to the start of a brand-new day. It's like starting your day with a Sacred Shard in your pocket.

Imagine if you woke up in a random fantasy world. Something like this one:

This area is inhabited by zombies, most of whom seem a bit standoffish.  Most of them live in a crude-looking town built in a meteorite crater.  Many among them seem a bit preoccupied with work and an unusual ball game is a common pastime here.  Magic permeates everyday life.  The surrounding countryside is mostly hilly and sprinkled with shrubs, and is abounding with huge purplish stones.  It's lead by a king, whom the people are fairly sure is up to something sinister.

January 14 2018

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Wandering in search of a waterfall
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Beautiful Kelly Macdonald, star of many movies and television shows. She's stunning in Boardwalk Empire, which you can see on HBO or catch past seasons on CouchTuner.

July 30 2017

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I claim this fallen tree as my own!
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Looking serious in leather.
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Nothing but the butt.
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War paint!
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